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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Fri May 30, 2008 10:51 am

Basic Profile Outline for Demons

Weapon(s) of choice:



Skin Tone:
Bust Size:
Special notes on appearance:

Head -
Upper body -
Lower body -
Feet -
Accessories -

Likes -
Dislikes -
Basic description -

Birth Place:
Current Location:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:44 pm

Name: Spite

Nickname/Alias: Spica

Gender: Female, probably.

Age: Appears a child... most of the time. She can change her appeared age and gender. None know her actual age, though she is presumed to be centuries old.

Occupation: Stirring up chaos for "her" amusement. She's also a bit of a mercenary and a spy. Sometimes works for Lucifer, but is mainly a free agent. She is easily swayed by money.

Weapon(s) of choice: Anything small and lightweight. Usually knives, needles, and some sort of martial arts, as well as spy instruments.

Rank: free agent

Pet(s): Black Widow familiar named Lolth

Shape- Depends on how close to her "true form" she is and which human form she's chosen. Among her fellow demons, they're generally slitlike and tilted. Among other races, though, Spica generally looks like a child, round-eyed and innocent.

Color- An odd honey color or a deep blue that looks nearly black. if she gets angry, they begin to glow, either amber or an electric blue, depending on their original color.

Size- Depends on her "age," but they're generally (slightly) larger than normal eyes.

Length- About chin-length; it's easier to manage androgeny that way.

Style- Shaggy, with bangs. Sort of like a "Rocker's" haircut. It suits whatever gender she pretends to be. She can grow it out at will, though, for a better teen-and-older look on the female side.

Color- can vary between a bright red (the real red, the orangey color. ^^) and darkish brown, depending on the situation. She can also do an old person's silver or grey.

Skin Tone: Generally somewhat pale, with a number of freckles, but it depends on the situation. She can make and get rid of any blemish, but not change the color of her skin.

Bust Size: As a female, about C.

Height: Depends on the gender and age. Her general height is about 4'5". I'll specify if it's needed elsewhere.

Weight: As a child, about 70 lbs, maybe? (I'm not good with childrens' weigts. ^^; )

Build: Lithe and muscular. As a spy and mercenary, she's got to stay in tip-top shape.

Special notes on appearance: No matter her humaniod form, her canines will always seem slightly larger than normal, her ears slightly more pointed, and she has the mark of an eye in the center of her left palm. It's not very dark, but if one can get close enough, they can see it.

Head - Depends on what sort of character she's trying to portray, but off-duty, she keeps her hair out of the way with a beret clip. A black "poor man's hat" is also one of her favorite accessories.

Upper body - Again, it depends on how she's working, but generally, a loose, white shirt in the tradition of peasant's shirts from the hippie era. Or, if she's feeling particularly childish, a short sleeved child's shirt and a pair of brightly colored overalls.

Lower body - As said above, sometimes overalls. She has also taken to dressy dark pants and chain link belts. She'll also change for different jobs.

Feet - Depends on her job, again, but usually dark, roman-style sandals. No heels.

Accessories - When she can, she flaunts the riches she's gotten for her services to some of the higher ranking demons. She jingles from head to toe with bangles and jewels. (Spica generally prefers thin bracelets, a ring for each finger, a selection of tomboyish necklaces, odd belts, and a few anklets.) When she's on the job, though, Spica only wears the bare minimum; a spelled bracelet or ring that could help her on her mission.

Likes - Chaos of any and all sorts, messing with peoples' minds, her job, lollipops, a good fight, masterminding heists, gambling, and playing human chess.

Dislikes - people who hold her back, interlopers, losing, being found out, liabilities, most other races, and spinach. She is allergic to healing magic.

Basic description - She (or perhaps he) is an odd individual, it seems amost a mish-mash of personalities and lifestyles. At times, it's almost the incarnation of the mischeif of all children concentrated into a single individual, while other times it acts as if it's some horrible creature created by a horrific marriage of Destruction and Death. It's not a "dark side," though. It's mood swings. Spica has an extremely volitile temper and is incredibly proud. She has very few to no friends; the few she does have are born out of necessity. Spica is incredibly cynical and has an almost solipsistic view of life. She has the ability to change both her appeared gender and age, while also having the ability to see and tamper with other creatures' auras and emotions. These are abilities given to any child of Abaddon, though. Her special ability is to teleport both herself and any other living organism nearby; with a large amount of concentration, she can teleport only certain parts of her body, such as hands or eyes. Transporting things besides herself takes a large amount of physical effort on her part, so she generally pulls on the strength of her familiar for longer trips. This is an innate ability probably linked with her lack of actual magical ability.

History: No one actually knows how old Spica is, and she's glad to keep it that way. It seems that she's been hanging around causing trouble in the city for centuries. It's suspected that she's been the mastermind of several successful - and a few unsuccessful - coupe d'etat of the lesser nobility. No one can find evidence to support this, though; probably in part because of her high ranking in the Underworld's underworld of spy lords. She's not really part of the organization - she's far too wild to be tied down - instead, she is held in high esteem with a number of the top players and has played the dangerous game of double agent between the often warring factions frequently. She's well versed in intrigue and wears her infamy with an overweening pride. However, despite her experience, Spica only knows well the dangers she has plotted out specifically herself.

Past: The youngest (at the time) and most praised daughter/son of Abaddon, known to the Hebrews as Destruction, she grew up a brat. After about her fifty-seventh birthday, Spica was tossed out of the nest to make way for the new batch of babies. Thrown out into the street from her coddled home, Spica had to learn the life of a spy and theif. Luckily, she was a fast learner and easily adapted to her new role. It became her outlet for a power she had been forced to keep to a minimum; she found herself to be a master at causing chaos. Spica learned to love her new life, and, by doing so, became a master in her "trade."

Birth Place: Obsequium

Current Location: [url=http://dicotomy.darkbb.com/obsequium-f4/streets-of-obsequium-t167.htm]Streets of Obsequium[/url]

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:04 pm

Name: Addanon

Nickname/Alias: none

Gender: Male

Age: about 2000

Occupation: Rogue

Weapon(s) of choice: Zweihander (a large sword like a zanbato) and the chain blade. Knows advanced dark magic at the cost of energy and the cost of life once the energy runs out.

Rank: Fallen Angel

Pet(s): none

Shape- Narrow (upturned in a constant angry evil eye position)
Color- Ice Blue
Size- normal

Length- To the end of his neck in the back long bangs covering his eyes in the front
Style- down
Color- black

Skin Tone: Pale

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: With armour: 560lbs Without armour: 275lbs

Build: very built but not bodybuilder built

Special notes on appearance:

Clothes: Armour and lots of it. Under that chainmail and under that a stretchy material.
Head - nothing
Upper body - armour
Lower body - armour
Feet - armour
Accessories - none

Likes - Being alone, and thinking
Dislikes - Annoying creatures and people.
Basic description - Very quiet. When approached by others he is usually snappy and very quick of tongue. He doesn't tolerate stupidity and doesn't like to have long conversations. Will travel with others as long as he isn't disturbed much. Will eventually warm up to others but very rarely.

Past: He was originally an angel but he ended up murdering a human while carrying out an order. He was placed in trial and ended up getting stripped of his rank and was thrown out of Areneif. He now wanders around aimlessly looking for places to stay.
Birth Place: Areneif
Current Location: The Niche Inn (Obsequium)
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Mon May 31, 2010 3:17 pm

Name: Heru Koori
Nickname/Alias: hell´s ice
Gender: male
Age: 1000 (actually he appears to be a walking skeleton)
Occupation: hunt´s angels.
Weapon(s) of choice: he mostly uses scythes, he also uses ice magic.
Rank: Fiend
Pet(s): none, but he has had a pet rabbit (a demon with a rabbit, is it just me or does that sound weird)

Shape- he does not have eyes (at least it looks like that)
Color- none.
Size- well how big is the holes that the eyes are in.

Hair: he does not have hair.
Length- none.
Style- none.
Color- none.
Skin Tone: he does not have skin.
Bust Size: male.
Height: 2 meters.
Weight: 40 kg.
Build: very skinny (ha-ha he is a freaking skeleton) (-.-)
Special notes on appearance: he is a walking human skeleton.

Head – he wears a big white cape that covers his entire body and most of his head.
Upper body - he wears a big white cape that covers his entire body.
Lower body - he wears a big white cape that covers his entire body.
Feet – none.
Accessories – none.

Likes – women´s/ small girls, winter, cold/ice.
Dislikes – angel´s (don´t count Amatsu in that)
Basic description – he is the normal kind of demon, he takes much pride in his work, but he is also very ashamed of what he has become. Heru hunt´s angels because he; hopes that they will be able to kill him.

Past: he is a former angel, and the mentor of Amatsu. But one day that he was on a mission was he caught by a female demon that was much stronger than him; she gave him the right to choose between death or to have sex with her. And out of sheer fear of dying, he chose to have sex with her, and therefore he became a demon, he then took on the form of a skeleton, out of shame. And he then began to hunt angels.
Birth Place: Areneif.
Current Location: Obsequium.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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