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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Fri May 30, 2008 11:21 am

Basic Profile Outline for Weres

Weapon(s) of choice:



Skin Tone:
Bust Size:
Type of were:
Description of transformation:

Head -
Upper body -
Lower body -
Feet -
Accessories -

Likes -
Dislikes -
Basic description -

Birth Place:
Current Location:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:58 pm

(Before you get started, I'm sorry for the length... ^^;;;;; I got carried away...)
Name: Anya Lee Tei

Nickname/Alias: Anya

Gender: Female

Age: looks to be somewhere between 16 and 19. Uncertain.

Occupation: Varies

Rank: None as of yet

Weapon(s) of choice: If forced, jaws and claws or brute strength (stress forces her to change). Also carries small concealed knives in human form if feels particularly threatened.

Pet(s):N/A, but likes birds and large dogs

Shape- Very slightly tilted and almond-shaped.

Color-either forest green or gold (or anything between) depending on her mood and the moon. (Angry = gold, and the closer it is to new moon, the greener her eyes are.)

Size- Medium

Length- mainly a bit longer than shoulder length, but with more than a few strands that hang down in front of her face, too long to be called bangs and too short to be pulled back. Her fur is about medium length.

Style- either braided or pulled back loosely to keep it out of the way. If the strands that won't fit into the ponytail get too annoying, she'll pull them back with clips or chop them off, depending on her mood. They grow back quickly so as to (seemingly) get in the way again.

Color- Actually a mottled grey and silver like her fur in wolf form, but she dyes it to "fit in" better with the humans.

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned, just enough to keep from getting burned easily by the sun. Wolf skin is light under the fur. (in case she ever gets shaved...?)

Bust Size: Small. Anything too big and they'll get in the way. Plus, her high metabolism tends to burn off much extra fat.

Height: About 5'4", though as a werewolf, her shoulder is a little higher than a normal wolf's She will probably grow as she becomes more comfortable in her new form.

Weight: Around 140 and growing; gotta carry around that extra wolf-meat!

Build: Thin and wiry, with only a minimum amount of fat due to the extremely high metabolism that comes from being a were. She has slightly defined muscles, but is rather stronger and faster than your normal human. As a wolf, she's still underdeveloped, so somewhat skinny and not as strong as your normal were.

Type of were: (another one, ne?) Wolf

Description of transformation: Anya must "turn" at least once a week to let her wolf side take a nice breath of fresh air - it's new here and needs to get used to its skin. The change can hit her whether it be day or night, so Anya's always on guard. As the moon waxes and wanes, the were form becomes more and less humanoid. At the quarter moon, Anya looks rather like a long-nosed sasquatch, while her true wolf form is at the full moon. New moon looks mostly human, although with longer, pointier ears, fangs, and claws. Her form can also be changed to more or less lupine as the need arises, although these are generally only small variations. She generally keeps most of her clothes the more humanoid she becomes - The more human she is, the more normal sized she is. During the quarter moon and such, her ruff is long enough to cover her. As she becomes more in control of her wolf form, she will begin to be able to choose how wolfish she will become. As it is, she has absolutely no control whatsoever. She can only control the change rudimentarily when put under pressure. You never know what mood her wolf form might be in, although Anya's emotions before the change generally influence what the wolf's feeling.

Head - A hat when she's cold, but other than that, nothing. A normal scrunchie is good to keep her hair back.

Upper body - Her clothes usually don't change with her, so some t-shirt that she can buy cheaply in WalMart. Plus, they're generally pretty comfy. If she feels particularly confident, she might wear one of her favorite tank tops or a hoodie. Since she's usually still "running hot" from her last transformation, cold doesn't affect her much. (no, you can't see heat waves coming off of her, but she's never quite cool to the touch.)

Lower body - Blue jeans or shorts. Cheap, easy, comfy, normally in style... what more could you want? Although Anya gets her clothes from a WalMart equivalent, she tries not to dress too shabbily.

Feet - Bare when possible, though she'll usually wear sandals in public. If it's raining, a rather tattered pair of socks and tennis shoes are in order.

Accessories - She generally wears a fake "fang" pendant made out of quartz or some other such mineral. Anya also has piercings in her slightly pointed ears; she wears a pair of gold bands that make one think of tracking tags. (Her ears have a slight point in the middle, as if you took an elf's ears and turned them so they pointed back rather than up.) She also has a well-beloved music player that she's afraid to carry with her in case it gets broken. Plus, she's not sure when she'll be able to get more batteries.

Likes - Large dogs, humans, music, birdwatching, doing normal human things (whatever they are), drawing, reading, challenges, card games, running, play fighting, and several wolfish pleasures that she tries to repress.

Dislikes - Demons, bigots, cramped rooms, housecats, smokers, heavy smells, randomly (and rather painfully) changing at the most inopportune moments, bulldozers, loud people, sitting still, and charred meals.

Basic description -
History: As a newly fledged werewolf with no one for guidance, Anya strives to get some nuance of normalacy back into her now chaotic life, often by watching birds that nest nearby her cave. Her first change was at the age of seventeen, four years after first being bitten by what seemed to be a large, rabid husky. A full-blooded werewolf will have its first change between the ages of ten and thirteen. However, since Anya was bitten so late in her life (comparatively) and had so little real stress, it took longer to hone her predator instincts to a level where a full body change could come into play. Despite the small clues that had snuck up on her over the past four years, like a hightened sense of smell and a distinct dislike of cats, Anya's first change just before the full moon two weeks after her seventeenth birthday still came as a horrible shock and she went beserk. Before she was aware of what was going on, Anya found herself being chased by her fellow villagers and she fled. When she awoke, she found herself alone and cold - it was a brisk morning to be without clothes. Horrified, she snuck back into town to her house which was (thankfully) close to the edge of the village and grabbed a couple pairs of pants and shirts. Frightened by the state of her ravaged house, Anya hurried nervously towards the town tavern. She was unable to remember the past night and was unsure if the beast that had torn apart her home would return. When a young militia "guard" spotted her and shouted an alarm, though, Anya's new "fight or flight" instincts kicked in and she pounded into the forest for the second time. After a rather long series of flashbacks and realizations, Anya finally understood what had happened and began mourning for her lost life. By chance, a demon stumbled upon her in the forest. he wooed her with promises of a return to her old life through the help of a spelled amulet in the shape of a white stone fang. This fang would keep her wolf form under control and allow Anya to have at least a semblance of peace in her life. In return, she would work for the demon occasionally as his toady and perform any task he asked of her, from stealing food to committing felonies. When Anya found herself getting in hating her "master" more than her changes into wolf form, she promptly quit and the magic of her amulet dispersed. She wears it still as a reminder of her absolute disgust of demons. Her physical form hasn't changed much in the intervening time save to take on the more typical were structure; a werewolf's high metabolism slows their aging and their constant activity hones their muscles to an almost steely toughness. Anya has lost track of time while she fruitlessly fights what she thinks of as her "inner demon." Now she lives alone in a cave a good ways out from a small human town, longing to rejoin them while surviving off the land and a couple of farmers' crops.

Past: Before she was bitten, Anya laughed, loved, and lived in naive innocence with her family. She loved her mother, father, sister, and two brothers with all her heart. few people believed monsters in that sheltered town. After being bitten by a strange, sick-looking dog at thirteen, she fell deathly ill for about a month, during which her eyes began changing odd colors, her raven hair turned to the color of starlight, and other strange things started happening. Her family was horrified. However, she recovered and lived on in her happy life for nearly four years. More or less happily, anyway. Her parents had chopped off her "unnatural" hair and forced her to put on strange golden earrings that couldn't be removed. Anya didn't understand as her parents' eyes became distant and unhappy whenever they looked upon her. They seemed to be pushing her away, and the household became an uneasy place. Anya came down with what seemed to be the teenage syndrome - she got irritable and started chafing against the rules of her parents. She moved out half a year before she became seventeen to start preparing herself for the "next step" in life... and to get away. Her first change was triggered by an argument that she had with her mom. Although it hadn't upset her much at the time, being the typical teenager/mom argument, while she lay awake in bed, Anya's anger boiled over. Ever since her change (for an indeterminate amount of time - she doesn't bother to count days any more), Anya has longed to return to her past life.

Birth Place: a small village outside Strid.

Current Location: [url=http://dicotomy.darkbb.com/strid-f1/restaul-outskirts-t169.htm]Restaul, on the outskirts of Strid[/url]

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:04 pm

Name:Cast off when he left his home town and his past life.




Occupation:hunter/ scout

Rank: Lone Wolf

Weapon(s) of choice: When Changed claws and teeth. As human he caries a hand and a half sword passed down from his father. The handle is elegant and made from an ancient oak hand carved then infused with spells for durability strength and longevity. Wrapped in a black cloth for grip and infused with a sapphire gem. The blade is the most magnificent part of it. made from a rare metal it never dulls and has a onyx color that shines in the moon light when he fights with it. It almost seems as if the blade laughs at its opponents. Made from an ancient ritual of the elves then given to his great grandfather it was made under the watch of a full moon, the sword is designed to be carried by a were. It has an ancient text along its blade. One side is its name Phoebe, named after the Titan of the moon. The other is a pact formed long ago between his family,the elf who forged it, and a were tribe, that if any of his kin were made were or born were they would be blessed with this blade and always have the highest respect and be treated like alpha from that tribe no matter how many generations passed. When he phases it is stored in surrounding wood lands and guarded by the spirits of his elders.

Pet(s):none, but favors traveling around large birds such as falcons and eagles.



Color-misty blue when in human form. As a wolf his eyes are a pure deep gold with black mixed in around the edges

Size-slightly larger that normal due to the wolf genes running through his body


Length-long. usually tied tight in a ponytail when hunting or around people but when just himself or relaxing it is allowed to flow lose. as a wolf it is a good length but thick for the winters in which he grew up.

Style-free normally but up when hunting and in towns

Color-as human his hair is a light golden brown with streaks of white with in it. His wolf form has a white coat that was used to blend in to his homelands.

Skin Tone:bronzed tan. most of his life is spent in the sun and woods and his skin reflects such. light under the fur of the wolf.

Bust Size:NA


Weight:185 human and 240 wolf.

Build:muscular but slim. his body is the results of long painstaking runs and trials to push himself and toughen both his human and wolf sides.

Type of were:royal wolf

Description of transformation:Born a were his first transformation was at the age of eight due to a heavy emotional state of anger at another child who was slandering his families name. He has since then embraced his wolf and can change at will when need arrises. Still changing every full moon and able to sense when the lunar cycle is he is in control other times unless pushed to far and a force change arises. During these his wolfs emotions are unpredictable and usually dangerous to anyone near.


Head - uncovered

Upper body - usually a vest when out in the woods or when preparing for the full moon and the coming change. When in towns though he is dressed in a black button down long sleeve shirt.

Lower body - normally, loose fitting pants that are durable enough for his speeds and the forest. he dawns nice lose dress pants when entering towns or events, always in black.

Feet - hiking boots or barefoot. these never change since in anything else he feels uncomfortable and on edge and his wolfish side is ready to emerge.

Accessories - sheath for his sword


Likes - Nights and lone woods. minimal human contact is preferred but he can go long times with them if the need arrises. Running as a wolf or human and testing both forms as much as possible.

Dislikes -modern technology and anyone who dares to harm the natural areas he is in.

Basic description -he always seems to be strung tight but he is relaxed. very protective by nature. very easy going if he decides that you are to be allowed in and can be trusted.

History:Born a were he has tried to gain the control needed to function in human society. his life has been hard since his family knew not of the were gene within him passes on by his father who was killed by humans before he was able to tell of his were side. his father was a turned were and fought to keep that away from anyone else, rejecting what he had become. Rakel embraced what he was born with and has worked to gain a perfect union between man and wolf. Traveling from the snowy lands of his birth he has found his way to a society of other weres and is scouting out what they are like. he fears finding ones like the hunters outside the borders of his homeland who kept his people in fear.

Past:Born in a small northern city on the outskirts of Strid he has lived most his life within his own community until he discovered his wolf side and his first change. Then he spent his time in the forest and mountains discovering both his sides and bonding to brother wolf. After his eighteenth birthday he ventured out to run away from his fathers memory and because his tribe was starting to fear the wolfish side of him running about in the nights even though he was protecting them. Slowly battling his way through the wilderness avoiding towns he picked up the scent of other weres and found the city of Veksle

Birth Place:small tribal town on the outskirts of Strid

Current Location: Outskirts of Strid

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:15 pm

Name: Tari Maoria - though only a select few call him by his first name or without deference.

Nickname/Alias: Alpha, Brother, Father, Great One, etc. Also, Mao

Gender: Male

Age: Probably around 43, but appears much younger

Occupation: Alpha-cum-head of the army

Rank: Alpha

Weapon(s) of choice: When forced to use something other than claws and fangs, he is proficent at nearly every weapon, though he prefers a glaive or a pair of wakizashi.
His ceremonial weapons are named and described as follows:

Glaive: Amakaeiri - The blade is made from a sharpened, bloodred claw nearly a third of the length of the weapon. (in other words, it's not really a glaive, but that's the closest thing I can find) Standing straight, it is about a head taller than Tari. Unlike many ceremonial weapons, it is not merely rendered beautiful by the myriad of carvings of jaguars in the blade, but also useful. It has perfect balance and a razor sharp cutting edge. The staff part of the glaive is made of carefully carved and stained wood, thick enough to support the weight of the blade and still comfortable. Fire-hardened, it's nearly as hard to break as the humans' steel. It, too, is carved intricately near the grips. The staff part and the blade are affixed by a binding spell and several different types of bonding agent, including the age-old wrap around. In Tari's hands, it is apparently no heavier than a well-crafted hand-and-a-half sword, but the glaive is extremely heavy.

Wakizashi: Yabaana and Meinaku -A rather shorter version of the well-known katana. Unlike Amakaeiri, the pair are made from a super-hardened steel rather than the demon's claw. Rather plain in comparison, the two are only simply adorned with a few black ribbons and beads. The grips are also simple black cloth. Yabaana is three hands' length, while Meinaku is two hands' length. They are generally kept sheathed, Yabaana on the left and Meinaku on the right.

Pet(s): Does not believe in keeping pets, seeing how close he is to an animal himself.

Shape- wide, slightly slanted.

Color- ice-blue in both forms

Size- proportionally to his face, rather large.

Special notes- He has broken, jagged rings around his eyes that are probably tattoos gained at his coming of age. From the left ring, a smattering of spots and speckles resembling those on a jaguar spread from the outer corner of his eye to his hairline and down his cheek.

Length- Long, to the small of his back in human form. In were form, his fur is rather short.

Style- Very long, without bangs. When needed, he will braid it, but he generally doesn't do anything with it other than brush it. Sometimes includes the supposedly native American tendency to add feathers.

Color- Sable. (it's a satin-black) As his were form, it's speckled with dapples.

Skin Tone: Dark-skinned, tanned from the sun of the southern reaches.
Special Note: He has a pattern of black dapples running down his back, though whether they're markings or tribal tattoos is unknown.

Bust Size: N/A

Height: 6'4" in human form. As his were form, he's about waist-height at the shoulder.(about 4 and a half feet?)

Weight: 192 lbs

Build: Rather wiry, but extremely strong. He has no fat whatsoever due to his lifestyle and high metabolism inherent in being a were.

Type of were: Black jaguar/Panther

Description of transformation: Growing up a were, Tari was accustomed to the idea of transformation, and as he first Changed, he had help and support. This helped him gain control over his Changes more quickly than a rouge were, though he rarely bothers to stop himself from Changing. Unlike a werewolf, a were-jaguar does not initially have to Change with the phases of the moon. Rather, their Changes are connected with the seasons, namely summer. During the summer, he may spend weeks without being in his humanoid form as it approaches the Equinox. He also may Change out of any especially strong emotions or at will. Every Change is draining to a certain extent, depending on how recently he has Changed and the emotions behind it. Fortunately, with so much practice and discipline, Tari feels nearly no fatigue at all.

Head - Little other than the occasional feathers or, at times, the ceremonial headress. Each Alpha must create their own headress, and Tari's is made from the skull of a Spirit of Lies from Obsequium that dared venture too close to Veksle while Tari was Alpha. Its bare, iridescent black skull was dissassembled since it had been shattered during the battle and was peiced back together to put the slanted eyesockets over Tari's eyes and the formidable, bloodred fangs curving over the bottom half of his face, with scale-like fragments dripping from the sockets like tears. The two heavy, spiral horns emerge from above Tari's ears. The rest of the headress is a mixture of raven's feathers, skull fragments, and gold filigree.
Upper body - Generally, when not in ceremonial dress, Tari wears a thin cotton sleeveless shirt in the summer, and rather heavy fur jackets in the winter - he's from the South and doesn't care for cold much. In the fall, he also wears a leather jerkin that laces up in the front. When working, Tari goes shirtless. Ceremonially, Tari wears an iridescent black and red breastplate made from the demon. His upper arms are bare, but the shoulder guards(?) are hardened black leather with intricate designs of gold filigree. The lower half of his torso is covered in scale mail made from red and black fragments. This mail extends to abouth a hand's length below his hip. If a warlike appearance isn't in order, he also has long, flowing robes made of some sort of light, black material.
Lower body - Generally, long, loose pants with a drawstring. Ceremonially, Tari has a belt to cinch the mail close to his body made of black leather. There are two loops at the side through which he hangs Yabaana and Meinaku. His legs are covered by the flowing fabric of a samurai's hakama. At the ends of the mail, raven's feathers and red, clawlike ornaments dangle to about mid-thigh. If need be, he can also put on black, leather half chaps to restrict the hakama's movement. They lace up along the side to fit exactly along the lines of his legs and are traced in lines of gold filigree (again... XD).
Feet - Nothing. Ever. They are kind of calloused, though...
Accessories - Whatever the occasion may call for. He has a hoard built up through the ages by other Alphas, but rarely uses much of it. Normally, he wears a golden arm band that wraps around his upper arm with a leaping jaguar moulded into it as a sign of his rank. The jaguar's eyes are two sapphire chips. He also wears feathers of many colors and sizes in his hair as the mood takes him, and a neclace stringed with large black beads and differently-colored fangs and claws.

Likes - A bit of a magpie; he likes shiny things. Also, he enjoys the company of cats, and suprisingly, birds. Tari doesn't really enjoy being Alpha, but someone has to do it, so... he's taken it over. Besides, he's always enjoyed a small tussle here and there. He enjoys hunting, summertime, warm sun, and thick jungles. He listens to music with a heavy beat and is exceedingly proud of his army and his people. (By "people," I mean his tribe and the weres he now rules over) He actually enjoys a warm rain, too.
Dislikes - idiots, layabouts, people who trespass on his turf, cold, windy days, and pets. He also hates anyone who tries to spoil the wilderness and demons in particular. Though he will every once in a while join into a pact with his ancient progenitor, Lucifer, he wants nothing to do with Lucifer's minions.
Basic description - Though he seems cold and proud when he's first met, Tari can actually be very compassionate if the need arises; he only keeps himself straight and stiff in concordance with his high position in the Pack. Among his trusted advisors and a few select friends, he has a different demeanor. He has a few odd customs birthed from his southern upbringing that he has yet to fully esponge, but he's been living in the north long enough that he has gotten accustomed to the new society he's part of. He is very wary of strangers, but hasn't yet hit the paranoia that often accompanies great power. Though he is rather small compared to many of the weres that surround him, Tari is known as one of the most ferocious fighters in the were city, and plans to keep it this way. He is brilliant tactically, but at times a bit less than sharp when it comes to cultural lines.

History: At one point, Tari lived with his parents in the Ashwana tribe below the southernmost borders of the cities. (if you go far enough in that direction, there's a desert, a gulf, then a huge rainforest perched atop a penninsula) When he had reached the age of about nine, he was brought up to the were city, Veksle, to be registered and taught independance, as all foreign young weres are wont to do. His mother and (less often) his father would visit infrequently to check up on him as he grew up within the were cities. After his first Change in the summer of his tenth year, he was taken back home to further his training - there are few jaguar-weres within the city walls and his parents thought it best to teach him their own ways. After seven years of training and a number of strange goings-on, Tari was sent back up to Veksle, where he furthered his education and distinguished himself among his peers. the former Alpha, as was his habit, took a number of the young weres in Tari's class under his wing (literally - he was a golden eagle) to train as his elite. At the age of twenty-four, Tari was admitted into the Alpha's special corps and fought his way to the top. Despite the cost of a thousand silvery scars, some spiderweb thin, others wide as half of a hand, and many blunders between, Tari soon stood at the Alpha's left hand. As the old Alpha, called Fiero, grew slowly older and lost his strength, Tari stepped up to defend his master against the infrequent attacks of those wishing to also become Alpha. When Tari was finally allowed a reprieve to return home for a bit to check up on his tribe, Fiero all but forced him to leave. Tari squirmed, but assured by the second-in-command's skills, he left. Of course, as soon as the Cheif's bodyguard was gone, weres came out of the woodworks to challenge the vulnerable old Alpha, but it wasn't until he was challenged by the third, a young, sprightly, overly ambitious female werewolf that he fell. Against the teachings and against all code, the third killed Fiero to take his place. The city as in an absolute uproar when Tari returned. Upon hearing of his master's death by his comerade's hand, the were-jaguar promptly challenged the newly crowned Alpha to a duel. After a reign of merely three days, the werewolf fell under Tari's claws. As custom in the North dictated, he allowed her to go free, though not without a mark of her shame and a banishment to the lands farther north than the cities' reach. After a few months of mourning after his old master and friend, Tari became the Alpha in full at the age of 31.

Past: Born and mostly raised in the jungles of the southland, Tari is as feirce as the wilds he came from. For the most part, the were-jaguars of the south interact very little with their northern were-siblings and are, actually, somewhat sparse in comparison. Though they live mainly solitary lives, the weres of the southern jungle do consider themselves a tribe. Three or four times a year, all of the were-jaguars of the southern penninsula meet to discuss and learn news. In all actuality, there's little contact aside from family interactions. After the children have for the most part grown up, the parents will often go their seperate ways, and these tendencies are evident in Tari, too.

Birth Place: Southern Penninsula

Current Location: Veksle
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:17 pm

Name: Tala
Nickname/Alias: none
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: none
Rank: low
Weapon(s) of choice: knife
Pet(s): none

Shape- almond
Color- green
Size- medium

Length- medium (longer than shoulder)
Style- straight
Color- black
Skin Tone:

Bust Size: 32 B
Height: 5' 2" (1.5748 m)
Weight: 110lbs (50 kg)
Build: small

Type of were:
Description of transformation: First her vision sharpens. Then her bone structure starts to change. While taking on the shape of a wolf she grows her black and white fur.

Head - nothing
Upper body - white fitted tee with a small pointless pocket over the left brest, dark grey plaid (black base color, grey paid and white tiny stripe things) vest, and usually a dark green wool jacket with fur on the hood
Lower body - dark skinny jeans and brown leather belt
Feet - brown hiking boots
Accessories - none

Likes - rare steaks, being alone, dark colors, her gameboy, and anyone that isn't a wolf
Dislikes - most wolves, anyone in her former pack, being pushed around, and the color pink
Basic description - doesn't talk much, wants a friend but only one, she is very distrustful, and travels a lot

Past - She left her pack at the age of 18. She was pretty much sick of all the bull that was going on. She's been on her own for two years now and continues to drift looking for her next place to stay.
Birth Place - Veksle
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Tue May 04, 2010 6:37 pm

Name: Evelyn Pierce
Nickname/Alias: Eve
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: Usually she works as an assassin for those that hire her.
Rank: N/A
Weapon(s) of choice: She fights in her tiger form, using lethal teeth and claws to strike her enemy. However, as a human, she does have two jagged daggers she uses as a last resort.
Pet(s): N/A
Shape- Almond, slightly tilted
Color- ice blue
Size- average
Length- long, at least mid-back
Style- usually falls down her back in graceful waves
Color- A deep auburn. So deep, in fact, that is usually looks dark brown. However, in the sunlight, it shines a vivid red..
Skin Tone: She is very deeply tanned, giving her a beautiful copper appearance.
Bust Size: 32 C
Height: 5’5
Weight: 121
Build: A very curvy hourglass figure. She’s slender, but with a larger bust and wider hips than the usual skinny weregirl. She appears feminine and soft, which is a common misconception about her. Muscles ripple under her smooth skin and she in uncharacteristically strong.
Type of were: Tiger
Description of transformation: Evelyn and her tiger are very closely bonded. Her transformation seems very smooth and painless…almost graceful, actually.
Head – Nothing. Evelyn wears her hair free at all times.
Upper body – Usually just a plain black tank top,, since she is always transforming.
Lower body –A snug pair of blue jeans or athletic shorts.
Feet – Always bare.
Accessories – A couple of rings around her fingers.
Likes – thunderstorms, sitting in the pouring rain, climbing, deep conversations, being alone, romance, reading, writing, large dogs, cats, and horses.
Dislikes – rape, abusive men, annoying people, judgmental people, and smoking.
(will develop more thoroughly through roleplay, but I’ll sum up)
Evelyn was born a were, which has always seemed more of a blessing than a curse. Her intense love for and unusual connection to any animal greatly aided in her bonding with her inner tiger. So, she lived quite easily in the city of Veksle. Her life was basically handed to her until she was 16. She fell in love around that time with a childhood friend whom she loved and trusted with her life. For about a year they had a very intense and loving relationship, until he turned out to be everything she did not want. He was a criminal..a felon…an outcast. She left him immediately, which he did not approve of, and he cruelly raped her. He bruised every inch of skin from her waist up and slashed the upper part of her right breast and across her abdomen; leaving jagged scars that would never go away. She then fled from Veksle, hurt and damaged emotionally more than anybody could ever imagine. And now, she lives as a loner.
Birth Place: Veksle
Current Location: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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