Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Angels   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:16 pm

Name: Hael

Nickname/Alias: NA
Gender: Mail
Age: 735
Occupation: None, just filling out orders given to him from higher ranked angels.
Ranking: Principalities

Weapon(s) of choice: Hael is equipped with a large two handed claymore.

Pet(s): Ramel the mouse is Hael's pet. Ramel is white with brown eyes and about four inches in length. Hael found Ramel while doing a mission for his superior while he was still ranked as an Angle. Ramel was baddly engered from an owl atack but excaped with many cuts accrost his chest and a broken leg. Hael mended the mouse back to helth out of sympethy and becan to feel an emotional bond between them. Ramel is usualy stowed away in one of Hael's pockets and is caried everyehere with him.

Eyes: Light Blue
Shape- Almond
Color- Light Blue
Size- Average

Hair: Long Blond
Length- fifteen-inches
Style- Flowing downward, hair pulled back behind his coat.
Color- Bright blond

Size (dictated by ranking): large and rather bulky.
Number (dictated by ranking): 2
Color: white

Skin Tone: light skinned, almost pail
Bust Size: Hael is too heavily clothed to see any fine details
Height: about 6 feet, 2 inches.
Weight: 250 lb. (the wings weigh a lot)
Build: Very well built with stout shoulders.

Head - A white cloak that stretches down the body with holes for the wings to fit through.
Upper body - A white loose cloak with bright armored chest and shoulder pieces attached in almost a decorative way.
Lower body - A long white cloak that seems to flow whether there is wind or not.
Feet - laced chain mail boots (very rarely seen)
Accessories - A belt with some decorative sense to it that is mostly used to tame the cloak.

Personality - Hael is slowly falling into a depression as days go by. He is always expereancing sorrow but shows little emotion to anyone.
Likes - Ramel the mouse, peace, quiet, the sunrise, wind, coy experiences he observes in human life.
Dislikes - anything un-holy, owls, blood, night time
Basic description Hael is a very strong leader and very mature. He will walk everywhere unless the treck will take more than 2 days. Hael is very patient and task oriented. One of his greatest flaws is that he will think a subject to death before opening his mouth in order to ensure he has inspected all angles of the situation and found the perfect word usage.

He has 3 abilities. The first is to heal wounds for the cost of life. The second is to use magical power in order to imbue his sword with significantly more strength. This comes with the cost of speed, considering that it is almost a berserking ability. The third is the ability to pacifism his target for about 20 seconds, also effecting his speed,

History: He lived a very basic human life. He was an outstanding christian and was almost impecable in life, but his flaw came when he maryed his wife. She was anything but saintly and was a very bad inflewance on him at the time. When he died he became an angel and moved up in rank rather quickly. When his wife died she became a demon and was a rather nasty one at that.

Past: He was ranked as an Angel about 200 years ago but was promoted after exemplifying his leadership skills.

Current Location: Outside the Areneif Library

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New to the Game

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PostSubject: Re: Angels   Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:09 pm

Name: Heleyna Luminates

Nickname/Alias: Heleyna

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal

Occupation: Peacekeeper

Ranking: N/A

Weapon(s) of choice: A silver bow

Pet(s): None


Shape- Angled

Color- Blue

Size- Medium


Length- Long

Style- Normal

Color- Blonde


Size (dictated by ranking): Large

Number (dictated by ranking): Two

Color: White

Skin Tone: Tan

Bust Size: D

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145lbs

Build: Very attractive figure


Head - none

Upper body - A grey long sleeved deep v-neck sweater

Lower body - White cloth skirt

Feet - Regular shoes

Accessories - none


Likes - Winter, white clouds, peaceful, flowers

Dislikes - Cold, darkness, fear, anger

Basic description - Heleyna is a normal girl in an Angel's body. She has normal feminine desires but she also has her angelic duties she performs unquestionably. She tends to fall in love easily, which turns out to be her downfall.

History: Heleyna has been known as the peacekeeper throughout time. She is always calming arguments and such, but getting hurt in the end. Her life is spent either in the library reading our outside flying through the air and taking peaceful breaks.

Heleyna has always been close friend with Savvy, and though she won't admit it, she has always loved him. She would be the only one who would stand by him until time ended. He was everything she found good in a man, though he repeatedly hurt her unintentionally in the past.

Past: Read above

Current Location: N/A
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