Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Demons   Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:58 pm

Name: Nyob Thera
Nickname/Alias: Nyoma
Gender: Female
Age: 738
Occupation: Performs various tasks given to her and finds odd jobs herself.
Weapon(s) of choice: She has two daggers that she has sheathed on her belt. They are each about a foot long including the six inch handle. The blades are a fine carbon edge and need special care every day.
She also has some power to concentrate wind in a direction, not much though, just enough to distract enemies and or defer incoming attacks if caught quick enough.
Rank: Accusers
Pet(s): None
Shape - Down turned and narrow.
Color Light Blue
Size - Normal
Length Shoulder length
Style Naturally strait but more often than not, un-kept and frizzy.
Color A dark brown with white and red strands meshed in.
Skin Tone: Very pale
Bust Size: B
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 140
Build: She has a very week appearance and poor arm strength but strong legs
Special notes on appearance: She has a problem with dry skin, resulting in bleeding cracks on her arms and sometimes cheeks.
Head - None
Upper body white v-cut shirt.
Lower body usually blue jean shorts.
Feet your typical boot, brown and laced tight.
Accessories an earring in each earlobe, a charm bracelet, a gold ring on her right hand, and an almost ancient umbrella.
Likes A good argument when there is no reason to argue, a good fight, sarcastic humor, the rain
Dislikes Logical people, consistency, the wind, her real name
Basic description She believes that a duel is the best way to finish any argument. For some reason whenever she is around the weather tends to shift to either a windy overcast day or a light drizzle. She dislikes anyone calling her by her real name and will always introduce herself as Nyoma.
She has a tendency to become infuriated over the littlest things and ignore the things that should make her furious. Most of her personality makes her very unpredictable and not a good friend/trustworthy person. This is probably the reason for her own failure at almost anything she tries to do.
Past She has tried to move up in rank many times with large quests and doing favors for people in higher positions, but she can never find anyone who will promote her any farther than she is now.
She was married as a human for a few years but lost him in a skirmish in their own home. She lived a somewhat long life and died from natural causes. She still wears her wedding ring as a symbol of her loss those many years ago.
Birth Place She was born in the northern parts of Strid as a human but was turned to a demon after death due to her unresolved sins.
Current Location She is located in the streets of Obsequium looking for work.
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PostSubject: Re: Demons   Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:38 pm

Name: Lucifer

Gender: Male

Occupation: General overseer of demons in general.

Weapon(s) of choice: Words/manipulation as well as a pitch black sword.

Rank: Goes without saying really.

Age: Appears around twenty but is actually far older.

Shape- Oval
Color- Crimson red.
Size- Medium - small.

Length- Long with bangs parted at either side.
Style- Shaggy sometimes styled differently.
Color- Black.

Skin Tone: Fair - white.

Height: Varies, but somewhere around six feet.

Weight: About 160-170

Build: Like an athlete's or swimmer's.

Special notes on appearance: Varies depending upon which form he takes. Can be in multiple places as different people at the same time. He also has two fangs that poke out of his mouth on either side.

Head - None
Upper body - Wears a frilled white top underneath a suit top with pointed shoulders.
Lower body - Black pants.
Feet - Smart, Black shoes.

Personality: Generally calm on the surface but can burst into fits of rage.
Likes - Death, gloom, misery.
Dislikes - Happiness, hope, angelic creatures.
Basic description - Usually cold at times with a sense of sadism. He enjoys to see people suffer just as he did.

(He has like an 'alter ego' known as 'The Lady of the Lake' who appears to be a woman slightly shorter than Lucifer normally with strangely blue skin and pointed ears with long white hair that trails down to about her mid back. It's said she walks like she's made of water and has a necklace that appears to be made of several gold fish swimming around her neck in a tight circle)
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PostSubject: Re: Demons   Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:22 pm

Name: Shane Kethrald

Nickname/Alias: Ceberus

Gender: Male

Age: immortal

Occupation: Destruction, mayhem, and maybe finding the right girl to carry it out with

Weapon(s) of choice: Black demon sword, black battle axe, machine gun, tank gun

Rank: Deluder

Pet(s): Pets? Seriously mate?


Shape- round

Color- black

Size- normal


Length- long

Style- english lad

Color- black

Skin Tone: Pale

Bust size: C (When female)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: weightless

Build: Athletic

Special notes on appearance: He can change to a female when needed to, making himself looking rather innocent.


Head - None

Upper body - White t-shirt

Lower body - black tight jeans

Feet - Regular shoes

Accessories - carries a microphone around his waist. No one knows why, even Lucifer himself.


Likes - Winter, snow, night, full moons, darkness, girls

Dislikes - happiness, light, sun, sunny days, summer

Basic description - Ceberus is a unique demon with mixed emotions. He is a good person inside and an evil person inside. He loves and hates everything evil. This is why he has a female form as well as his natural male form. He has the ability to control weather, making it snow to freeze his enemies, or making tornadoes to throw his foes.

History: Ceberus had a rough past. He was outcasted from his human life, forced to commit suicide because of his loneliness. He became hardened when he turned to a demon, not caring anything for the human race, but he still kept a shred of his humanity. He eventually shifted forms to a female when his love and compassion bursted forth, and no man could resist her. This however, was rather ironic, since it ultimately made his female form strikingly beautiful, but still was attracted to women.

Ceberus rarely turns into a female unless he/she needs to hide from something. He is capable of showing compassion and love when he is a male, though. He is usually found hanging around bars and such, looking for something interesting to do.

Past: Look above

Birth Place: Northern Strid

Current Location: Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Demons   

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