Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Weres   Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:19 pm

Taken from: http://ishiga-san.deviantart.com/art/Lysander-Flexing-33208625

Name: Quall

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Occupation: None

Rank: The lowest one :V

Weapon(s) of choice: None to speak of besides claws/teeth.

Eyes: (Pokes avatar) Aqua blue.

Shape- Medium build, quite slender. (if compared to an object, sort of broad shoulders with a sort of hourglass shape)

Color- grey-black. Most of his fur is black while fur on the tips of his elbows as well as his mane and -certain other places- are black.

Size- Average build, but still fairily slender.

Hair: His hair is basically his mane which is usually quite well groomed but can be messy at times. He also has a patch of dark hair around his chin rather like a beard.

Length- Again he's quite slender with some muscle, but not a HUGE amount.

Skin Tone: Cannot see any of his skin which is either covered with black fur or gray fur.

Height: 6'5-6'7

Weight: 150-170ish

Build: Medium-average

Type of were: Lion

Description of transformation: Is cursed with the unlucky fortune of being a black were-lion whom do not have the luxury of shape shifting and simply remain in their normal form 24/7. However, since he is of such a strange breed (black were-lions) he can enter a sort of 'rage' transformation or 'desperation' transformation which increases his physical size and strength. Therefore during his transformation, he can reach around 8-9 feet. have control of this as of yet.


Upper body - Bare chested.

Lower body: Wears khaki shorts.

Accessories - Has a necklace with rather sharp teeth for beads which is an off-yellow in colour.


Likes - Ironically, he likes peace. Does not believe in fighting. When pushed with a difficult situation, he enjoys taunting his enemy before having to actually make the kill.

Dislikes - Most of the rest of his clan. He dislikes that they seem to feel the need to fight all the time.

Basic description -

Black were-lions are usually omens for bad luck as most usually possess a strange (and sometimes fearsome) ability to multiply the physical strength when under great stress or extreme anger. This is ironic because he has only stumbled across this power once, and it pretty much clashes with his personality.

Lived with his grandmother on the outside of town after his mother died during birth. His father left when his mother was but a few months pregnant.
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PostSubject: Re: Weres   Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:19 pm

Name: Raven

Nickname/Alias: Raven

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Occupation: Outcast

Rank: Alpha (though has no pack)

Weapon(s) of choice: When he's a Dark elf, he wields a sword. As a wolf, his claws should be sufficient

Pet(s): None


Shape- round

Color- black

Size- normal


Length- long as both elf and wolf

Style- punkish as an elf

Color- dark brown/black

Skin Tone: Pale

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 179lbs

Build: muscular

Type of were: were wolf

Description of transformation: Raven's transformation is a violent one. He first thrashes about, shaking violently and becoming a seemingly dangerous weapon to all around him


Head - none

Upper body - none, usually. If so, just a shirt

Lower body - usually jeans, ripped and torn at the knees

Feet - nothing

Accessories - nothing


Likes - he likes to be alone most of the time. Company is not usually welcomed since he was changed. He views himself as an outcast and unwelcome in this world, but feels he has some purpose

Dislikes - overly sympathetic company who won't leave him in peace

History: Raven has a history of making himself disappear from sight when people notice him. He used to be less self conscious and welcomed company, but eventually he was stolen away and changed. He hates himself and doesn't want to live, but feels he has no choice

Past: Raven was once an elf. He was not just any elf, but a couragous one who never left his companions side. But eventually, he began to disappear. People wondered where he went and what happened to him, but he never returned. Many thought he died.

As time went on, many forgot about Raven, only shutting him out whenever people mentioned his name. Raven was actually punishing himself for existing. He was changed into a were against his own will, stripped of the life and passion he once had. He felt no one would dare forgive him and let the kindness inside him die away. He was only nice to those suffering, but otherwise would walk away from anyone else. He found it was best for him to be on his own.

Eventually, the wolf inside him, given to him by a bite from another wolf, escaped. He changed and felt the immense heat and pain from the transformation. It only occured when he was severely depressed and angry. The wolf in him was a natural born leader, though. It was not violent unless provoked and tended to stick up for it's own. It relieved Raven when he needed it most. As much as Raven hated it, he was truly grateful.

The wolf, however, is a very prideful creature. If challenged, it will stand it's ground and either win or die. The wolf was an alpha, after all. Raven enjoyed this part much. It gave him the hopes of having his life come to rest and he could go on in peace. Though, the wolf usually emerged the victor in it's battles.

Birth Place: Atra Solem

Current Location: N/A
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