Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Vampires   Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:17 am

Name: Llydia Reageth

Nickname/Alias: Llydia

Gender: Female

Age: unknown, appears only 18

Type of vampire: Bitten

Occupation: None

Weapon(s) of choice: Prefers not to use weapons, but favors a knife


Pet(s): A small bird that she found when she was a child


Shape- round

Color- blue

Size- normal


Length- long

Style- normal?

Color- brown

Skin Tone: pale

Bust Size: D

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 124lbs

Build: slender, very attractive figure


Head - nothing

Upper body - an auburn colored shirt

Lower body - black slacks that accent her alluring figure even more. a little torn at the bottom

Feet - normal shoes

Here's a picture

Accessories - she wears a black coat with a hood


Likes - People, food, traveling, the sun, and hunting

Dislikes - being alone

History: Llydia was raised in a rich family. They owned several lots of land back in the midieval age and many of the men in the family were knights. They were also wise and powerful scholars in the tomes of the druids and paladins, studying dark and light magic and allowing these practices to abound unwatched. Many knights from other noble houses attempted to win Llydia's heart with chivalrous acts, but even at a young age, Llydia had a talent for being able to read intentions.

It wasn't too long before Llydias family was striken with a plague. Many of the members died, leaving their houses open for robbers and theives. It came to a point where Llydias family was the only one left. Her mother and slaves all died from the disease and her father became deathly ill. The doctor attempted to illicite a cure, but found none. He was soon executed, and Llydia became sick. A new doctor, one who was strange in most forms of nature, attended them after that. He claimed there was no hope for the father, however, for the daughter he could arouse a serum that would allow her eternity to live. They all agreed on it. The doctor took her to a back room and revealed his true self; a vampire. He bit her before she had time to think. She fell to a deep slumber, during which her father died, and woke nearly a month after. She was renewed and regenerated. That moment, she swore never to let anyone die the way her entire family did...

Birth Species: Strid

Manner of becoming a vampire: Read above

Current Location: Unknown
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