Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Beasts   Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:04 pm

Name: Ramel
Nickname/Alias: NA
Gender: Mail
Age: No one knows, mice cannot count
Type of creature: A mouse
Description of Creature: a seemingly ordinary mouse.
Occupation: None
Weapon(s) of choice: His feet? Ramel never fights
Abilities: Has an extra ordinary life time due to the type of magic use on him by Hael in order to heal him. Has the ability to somewhat understand what Hael is thinking because of how long they have been around each other.
Shape- round
Color- brown
Size- small
Length- short
Style- soft with a scruffy look
Color- white
Skin Tone: pinkish
Bust Size: NA
Height: 2-3 inches tall and 4 inches long
Weight: less than 1 lb.
Build: scrawny.
Clothes: NA
Head - NA
Upper body -NA
Lower body - NA
Feet - NA
Accessories - NA
Likes – Crumbs of any kind, small and cozy spots to sleep, exploring, Hael’s company
Dislikes – Loud noises, any preditor that could catch him (including cats, dogs, snakes, owls, …), heights
Basic description – Ramel is just a simple mouse that has lived a long life thanks to Hael. They are best friends and nothing can change that. Ramel spends most of his time sleeping in Hael’s pocket.
Past: He was born under a tree stump and ventured off to make a family of his own. When he was attacked by an owl, he was fortunate to be able to get away quick enough. He was badly ingered (multiple cuts and a broken leg), but was found by Hael. When Hael tried to heal him with his magic he embedded a little piece of his life into him by accident. Because Hael is immortal the Ramel will live for an undetermined amount of time, though thought to be much more than he has lived already.
Birth Place: Under a tree stump
Current Location: Areneif Library with Hael
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