Species at war
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons   Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:54 pm

Name: Epemetheus
Nickname/Alias: Flint
Gender: Male
Age: Undisclosed. He's an adolescent.
Type of dragon: European
Clan: Black Dragon Clan
Occupation: Whatever the clan master decides. Sort of a Jack of All Trades.
Weapon(s) of choice: Claws, Teeth, fire breath etc…
Abilities: Characteristic Toxic Breath, ability to withstand most airborne poisons, and such.

Shape- Oval
Color- Orange
Size- Small in comparison to his face, but, large compared to (well) a human.

Skin Tone: Black with some occasional red-ness with a yellower underside.
Scales: Mostly black.
Length: Larger than an average adult of his size. Considering black dragons are one of the largest, he's quite big.
Shape: Lean/muscular.
Color: Black?
Texture: Some scars, generally rough.
Covers: Black scales on his back mostly give way to softer yellower scales upon his udnerside.

Body Type: Long, lean, semi muscular.
Legs: Back legs = larger, two front legs= not as large, but not exactly stalky.
Wings: Follow the same colour scheme as scales.
Span: Double the length of his body.
Individual Size: Same as the length of his body.
Location: Off the shoulder blades.
Description: Appear cracked, bat-like, sharp (looking) barbs and details upon the top.
Height: A bit larger than an average black dragon.
Weight: Again, more so than an average black dragon.
Clothes: None.

Likes - Freedom, enjoys being alone, fufilling his tasks.
Dislikes - Hates feeling restricted, does not like being in a larger crowd, hates failing his assignments.
Basic description - Strong headed, intelligent, can be clumsy at times.
History: Born of his tribe's chieftan, he's sleighted to be the next ruler of the infamous black dragons.
Past: The black dragons are seen as (generally) a feared and evil race. Flint doesn't particularily know this, he certainly suspects certain dark doings are going on underneath the surface, however, he doesn't know for certain. He merely completes his assigned missions without question.
Birth Place: Within the catacomb-like lair of the Black Dragons.

Picture of him (and relative size, -pokes the other dragons AND the humans RIDING those other dragons)

If you haven't guessed, the large black thing is him.

(I also STRONGLY suggest reading up the mythology of where his name: Epemetheus, coems from... but uh... :p)
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons   Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:12 pm

Name:(Illegible in human tounge and unpronunciable)

Nickname/Alias: Albatross (human name given to him)

Gender: Male

Age: age is unknown, but specualted to be hundreds of thousands of years old

Type of dragon: Ancient dragon (intelligent species not catagorizable with current dragon types)

Clan: the black water clan (translated in english)

Occupation: gaurder of the ancient worlds

Weapon(s) of choice: profound ability to use all types of magic, even forbidden. His talons and jet fire breath.

Abilities: Ability to communicate with all living things through a mental bond. Common among his own clan.

Pet(s): None


Shape- angular

Color- red

Size- large


Length- none

Style- none

Color- none

Covers- none

Skin Tone: black

Scales: black

Length: large

Shape: diamond shape

Color: black

Texture: hard, like diamonds

Covers: all of the body besides wings

Body Type: a combination of serpantine and humanoid

Legs: two strong legs and two strong arms

Wings: width of the body

Span: width of the body

Individual Size: half length of body

Location: near his shoulder blades

Description: uh.. normal dragon wings?

Height: nearly thirty feet standing upright

Weight: nearly two tons

Clothes: none


Likes - solitude and being beside himself, but enjoys the company of other races from time to time.

Dislikes - violence

Basic description - a peaceful dragon that only protects what he must protect.

History: Albatross, named so from the sailors whose ships were either attacked when they attacked, or protected when they minded their business, is a dragon of one of the ancient clans of truly intelligent and magic bearing dragons. He is many many years old and is wiser than any other creature besides God himself. He is a creature of peace and knows when he must fight. He wishes nothing but good for all people unless they give him no choice but to attack. He is a very strong and powerful dragon.

Past: look above

Birth Place: N/A

Current Location: N/A
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