Species at war
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 The War

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PostSubject: The War   Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:46 pm

The land of Dichotomy is in a war. It's the classic fight between good and evil. Whether you are a simple civilian or a full-blown military soldier, you have a role. The side fighting for good and freedom all over the land is God and his army of angels along with any other abled creature willing to fight. The side of evil is the devil. It's obvious his goal is simply to take and control the world. This war has been going on for a millenia and hasn't stopped yet. Some cities have chosen to join a side, but many have remained neutral in this dispute.

The war began when God and the Devil came to this land. Harmony was not possible, and both sides were not about to give up the land they had both taken claim on. God began amassing his angels while Lucifer gathered his demons in preparation for the war. Seeing that he would need more, God chose to create humans in his own image to stand by his side. They were like him in everyway, even in their free will. This was ultimately their downfall as the humans rebelled and made their own city. They became filled with sin and their hearts were constantly conflicted between good and evil. Out of this came the city of the criminals; the city of humans who chose pure evil in their hearts.

Realizing God's plan, Lucifer created a venom and captured a human. He injected the venom and created the vampires. The vampires spread quickly and eventually formed their own city and remained nuetral. They were the perfection of humanity without a soul. Everything about them was almost as infinate as God, except that they had only one power they could be given.

God saw the evil Lucifer had created out of his creation, and then created the werewolves. These were humans with the unique ability to change to some form of wolf or animal. They also carried a venom that could change humans into their own kind and also kill a vampire.

After a few years, a few humans made technological breakthoughs and created the advanced city of Tiroch. In this city, every form of technology could be found. Even a starport was made so that creatures from other worlds could come. It was one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

After that, some of the scientist began performing tests and experiments on living things, giving them powers or strange physical traits. They became known as the mutants and freaks. It was a city filled with creatures of untold power and horrific but wonderful mutations. Many stayed secluded, but some still traveled the world.

Next, the beasts came and fortified their kingdom. Any beast of any kind lived there in perfect harmony, enjoying the serenity of their natural surroundings. Occasionally, some chose a side in the war, but many stayed in their homes and lived full lives of peace.

Then, from the dark reaches of space came the elves. They quickly established their cities and were split between the two sides of the war and became a broken nation. On one side was the wood elves, elves who stood for everything right and good. On the other were the moon elves who harnessed their dark powers and practiced forbidden black magic. They chose to side with Lucifer.

Finally, in a last attempt to gain an advantage in the war, God took his original design for the human species and created a new race of humans many called the heroes. They were the superhumans. They were stronger, faster, and had completely heightened senses. They too had free will, like the humans, but were given more of a desire for God. Still, some chose to live in Mortuus, the city of criminals.

And this is how the wars has been going for centuries. Many have lost their lives, but many have been born as well. The war has left the land broken, but it is still in tact. Many have chosen to fight for evil, but many still fight by God. Which side will you choose?

Welcome to Dichotomy.
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The War
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