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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Fri May 30, 2008 11:51 am

Basic Profile Outline for Mutants and Freaks

Mutant or Freak:
Description of Powers/Mutation:
Weapon(s) of choice:



Skin Tone:
Bust Size:

Head -
Upper body -
Lower body -
Feet -
Accessories -

Likes -
Dislikes -
Basic description -

Birth Place:
Current Location:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:20 pm

Name: Orochi Huojin
Nickname/Alias: None
Gender: male
Age: 200
Play by (CC): Misha Collins

Mutant or Freak: Freak

Description of Powers/Mutation:

Intuitive aptitude: Orochi's mutation seems to be constantly active, unconsciously helping him to analyze any system that he encounters. For systems that he already understands, he can detect and identify flaws in the mechanism with only a cursory inspection. Systems that he has never seen before may require more extensive study, but he seems to be able to comprehend them far more quickly than any ordinary person could, and he requires far less technological equipment.

Orochi's ability seems to work for analyzing mechanical and biological systems. Whether it would work on other types of systems (such as electronic hardware or computer software) is not yet known, although he has claimed that it allows him to rapidly analyze human behavior. With this ability, Orochi is able to study evolved humans to analyze their abilities and copy them, adding them to his own. He can also learn to control them more quickly than the original owners can.

Orochi does not need to kill someone to gain their ability. However, a physical study of the victim's brain requires direct observation necessitating the removal of the upper part of the skull, so the victim soon dies of blood loss and trauma. Victims with rapid cellular regeneration, however, can survive this by repairing the damage.

Some powers are capable of rejecting his copy powers, even if they are directly inspected. these powers are Archangel/god-class powers. His body can only change a limited amounts of time, which means he can only have a limited amount of abilities at any given time. His limits are twenty abilities maximum.

Occupation: City leader of Griof.
Weapon(s) of choice: swords, guns and martial arts training.
Pet(s): none


Shape- normal

Color- Brown

Size- normal


Length- Short
Style- a little bristling, otherwise normal laid back.
Color- Dark brown

Skin Tone: slightly pale

Bust Size: male

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 90 kg

Build: very muscular, but still slender.

Head - he doesn´t wear anything on his head.
Upper body – Orochi is very adaptable, he doesn't wear anything specific. He uses what he sees needed, though he seems to prefer dark colors.
Lower body – Orochi is very adaptable, he doesn't wear anything specific. He uses what he sees needed, though he seems to prefer dark colors.
Feet – he wears normal shoes, nothing special there.
Accessories – Nothing


Likes – obedient people. Books. Loyal people. Money.
Dislikes – disobedient people. Not loyal people. Failure.

Basic description – he is a very strict person, he expect that people does what he orders them to. He hates when things go wrong, and when they don't do as he orders them to. He is in other words a perfectionist, everything have to be perfect for him.



He was born in Griof, or rather, the place where Griof is now standing. Even at the time Orochi was born, this place was the meeting place, for special people, both magic users, and mutants.

Orochis´ family was very, very normal, none of them had powers, His father and mother, was very ashamed by this fact, because everybody else in their family had powers, but not them. But Orochi Knew better than to be ashamed. He had a dream, to become the most special person in the world, and he knew how to become just that.

In many years, he had felt it. The hunger. Many said that he was a vampire, but that was impossible. So they traveled over to a very old, and clever Mutant. That mutants name was Iblis. He knew what was wrong with the boy; it was a power that had awakened. He felt very sorry for the boy. So he showed Orochi how to use his power, by Breaking his own skull open, and by doing that he gave Orochi, a copy of His own power.

Since then, he has done anything to acquire new powers, and on that way, he became the leader of Griof, because he is the strongest known mutant.

Birth Place: The place where Griof is now.

Current Location: ?


List of people and powers he has. ( I will try to keep this updated)

Iblis: Spontaneous Regeneration.
Unknown guy: Pyrokinesis.
Unknown person: Shapeshifting
Former employee: Telekinesis

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:06 pm

Name: Safan
Nickname/Alias: Drifter
Mutant or Freak: Freak: .25(Were-fox), .25(Demon), .25(Chaos-elemental), .25(Djinni)
Description of Powers/Mutation: Due to the odd mixing of his blood, and his chaos-elemental lineage, Safan is an extreme oddity. He can shift elemental alignments by touching base elements, is stuck in a half-fox form, and has uncontrollable wish granting powers that show themselves from time to time.
Occupation: He is an eccentric, mastering a few jobs, and learning about many more. However, he has little use for money, and doesn't have any sort of employment. He fancy's bar tending.
Weapon(s) of choice: Depending on his elemental alignment, he manifests a weapon out of that element, either a fan, a sword, a hammer, or an anchor.
Pet(s): Not a pet per-say, but he always has a doll with him. The doll is possessed by the soul of a close friend who miss said a line involving the words "I wish."
Shape- Round and pupil-less
Color- Red, but they change when aligned.
Size- Proportional to his face
Length- long-ish
Style-Ponytail and flared
Color- Black
Skin Tone: Furry
Bust Size:Ummm
Height:3' 10" ft
Weight:70 lbs
Head - Thin Glasses
Upper body - Topless, but covered in light fur
Lower body - Cloth pants
Feet - Rubber soled magical shoes, they change gravity according to the users will, so that the user can walk on any surface.
Accessories - Energy belt and arm device. They store energy for spell casting, and can drain it from elemental sources.
Personality: Calm and controled when neutral, however he takes on an emotional imprint when he becomes aligned. He becomes free spirited when aligned with air, his anger rages when aligned with fire, becomes stead-fast and courageous when aligned with earth, and wild and skillful when aligned with water.
Likes - Friends
Dislikes - People who are mean to his friends
Basic description - Fun and caring individual. He enjoys talking and long walks on the beach? I thought basic description was what the whole thing was lol
History: Spent his life wandering, as he couldn't stay in one place for long without people discovering his nature, and in some of the places he's been, he was expelled just for what he is.

Past/Birth Place: A seemingly random crevasse on a mountain. He woke up here alone and naked. There were several piles of clothing, the pants he wore come from here, as did the shoes, belt, and arm device. He started walking, and found himself at a small village at the mountain's base, where he spent his first 5 years of life. After it became apparent that he was as grown as he was getting, and of a man's abilities, he left to explore the world.
Current Location: Griof
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Kosuke Ryu Suoh
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Tue May 04, 2010 7:12 pm

Name: Kosuke Ryu Suoh
Nickname/Alias: Ko, Ko-chan, Suke, Ryu, or Suoh
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Mutant or Freak: Mutant
Description of Powers/Mutation: Kosuke is a dragon shifter. He can transform into a dragon at will. He needs platinum or other metals to survive. They help him ignite his flame breath in dragon form.
Occupation: None
Weapon(s) of choice: His dragon form
Pet(s): none

Shape- Oval
Color- Black (in dragon form his eyes are a goldish red)
Size- Small

Length- Long
Style- down and straight
Color- black

Skin Tone: White (in dragon form his scales are black)
Bust Size: none
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 152lbs
Build: lean

Head - none
Upper body - White t-shirt or shirtless
Lower body - Black pants (usually dickies)
Feet - Black high top converse (no socks)
Accessories - A dangling earring in his left ear of a dragon's tooth)

Likes - Fire, his ipod, helpless women to watch over, and his layer
Dislikes - Idiots, ass*oles, green vegetables, and hurricanes
Basic description - He's a little rough to deal with but is easy to get along with after a while. He usually walks around with just the clothes on his back because he usually ends up losing them or ripping them from the transformation to dragon.

History: He hasn't really done anything significant except sit in his layer and watch a lot of tv. He fends other dragons off from his layer and exercises. He occasionally goes to Strid to mingle with people.
Past: He isn't really sure where he's from but he's pretty sure it had to do with a man in Tiroch. So he's on a mission to find this man as soon as he can pull himself away from his comfy layer.
Birth Place: Unknown
Current Location: Foro
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PostSubject: Abigail Abbot   Mon May 31, 2010 2:10 pm

Name: Abigail Abbot
Nickname/Alias: Abby
Celebrity claim (play by): Elizabeth Rice
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Mutant or Freak: Mutant
Description of Powers/Mutation:
Abigail’s ability comes from an experiment made by a demon in an attempt to create symbiotic magic which had no limits to its potential, unfortunately the later was not true, in fact it was quite limited in what it could do. It ended up working more like a disease, and since he only placed it upon Abigail's family they are the only known people with it, so far. The magic hits member randomly, so it can skip generations before returning, usually it shows who it has picked by forming a triple Yin Yang symbol on the shoulder). It is an ability that usually brings death with it. It is often uncontrollable but when it (one of the few times) is controllable, then it is controlled by the mind.

Nosokinesis: This is the ability to control viruses, bacteria and retroviruses. This ability has many uses of course - all of which require no medical knowledge as she works by pure instinct...

Offensively uses: The very nature of an illness caused by bacteria and viruses are by logic to kill or harm another person. This is nature’s way of keeping a species at a reasonable size. Abigail can use illnesses the very same way. Taking the life of another person is as easy as breathing; breathing –among other things- is one of the many ways for her to release the illnesses.

She can make the illnesses target a specific person within a group, but she can also make it target randomly. As with any other illnesses, all her viruses and bacteria are contagious, and they can be transferred from person to person, in whatever way she may wish for them to be transferred.

Defensively uses: There aren't many of those, but obviously the illnesses can be used to weaken an opponent, allowing her to run away, or gain the upper hand in a fight. Or her ability could be used to protect her from bacterial-based bio-terrorism.

Other uses: This ability allows her change bacteria and viruses as she sees fit. She can change their deadliness, their speed of working, even how long they will stay alive. There aren’t many effects she can't give her illnesses.

She can also heal someone from illnesses. This is done by simply mentally purging the body of all the damaging viruses and bacteria within the victim’s body.

Because the curse is the sort of curse to grow with each victim of it (taking up characteristics of the victim) it began to be affected by Abigail’s nonviolent behavior causing her to gain the second ability of Asepsis.

Asepsis: This is the ability to be completely immune to any sort of disease or viral infection. To put it simple, her body would -if the disease begins to attack her body- simply destroys it completely. This ability allows her to be immune to diseases even as strong as the disease Lucifer used to create the vampires.

This could also be used to reverse disease based damage for example causing her to regenerate from viral skin necrosis.

Occupation: Secretary
Weapon(s) of choice: None
Pet(s): An air elemental taking the shape of a falcon.
Shape- Normal round
Color- Brown
Size- Normal

Length- Not too long, Reaches a good length down below her shoulders.
Style- Usually just flowing downwards
Color- Brown

Skin Tone: Normal
Bust Size: Small-average
Height: 1.56 m.
Weight: 55 kg.
Build: Average

Head – Usually nothing, but depends no weather
Upper body – Abigail likes dresses, but really she keeps her clothes practical rather than pretty, since she is so used to keeping an average look.
Lower body – As said above she adapts her style into looking average rather than wearing fancy clothes when the weather aren’t right.
Feet – Usually shoes.
Accessories – A Yin Yang necklace

Likes – Sweets & Being with people & reading novels about romances, she is also very fond of jogging
Dislikes - Arrogant people & Really sour food & Seeing people in pain &Evil people

Basic description -

Caring: Abigail is a very caring person. She always places the health of her friends above her own. This means that her friends are one of the most important things to her, and if she found one of them hurt, she would take care of them the best she could.

Friendly: Abigail is a friendly person. Her biggest dream is to be seen as someone good, a hero. She doesn't want to be seen as evil by anyone, villain or hero alike, she is ready to give everyone a second chance, as she is aware that she hasn’t been the best of people.

Team-player: When she is in a group, she always chooses her action based on what will benefit the group. She is a real team player; she would easily give up personal gain for the team. This also gives her a very good attribute of not being greedy at all. She does not heave for power or personal profit, therefore making her very resistant to being corrupted by money.

People pleaser: Because of her personality being a strong team player type, she has also developed some people pleaser tendencies. She simply can't stop giving in to people if they ask her to do something. Of course she can resist if it's a stranger. But you will rarely find her saying no to a friend, or close family. It's simply just too much for her to handle when they become angry. That's why she tries to avoid making them angry by pleasing them.

Emotionally unstable: She has retained a bit of her instability. This is mostly emotional, making her prone to breaking down in tears whenever she tries to help someone and they attack her for it. She overwhelmed, probably because she is unaware of how to handle angry people.

History: Basically a sweet woman that spend some years in a mental asylum until her curse/ability and split personality gave her the power to escape. After some time out she met a person that cured her of the later, leaving only the sweet woman to defend herself.

Abigail was given life on December the 4th during the best time of the year -if you asked her parents- they loved her more than anything. Even their first-born son came into a second position. Harry, their firstborn son, was absolutely not okay with that. He wanted them to focus on him, not his little sister. His envy grew everyday. Abigail did her best to be friendly towards him as well as the kids at the playground. They seemed to like her, but that was only because she was happily ignorant of the malice they had within them. The neighborhood where she lived with her family wasn’t the best. It could certainly have been better. Although it was a rich neighborhood, the kids was bullies, thieves, and all sorts of other things. They were just outright evil, and they knew how to take advantage of someone as sweet as Abigail.

As time went by, Abigail’s brother got more and more angry. Sometimes he just couldn’t contain it. It started with bullying and name calling. But at the age of nine it escalated into becoming outright abuse, even going as far as sending her to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor Logan Hunter was the only one there at the time. He helped her, the best he could, and took care of her, though without her realizing her ability infected a patient, and possibly Logan too. This was the first time her ability manifested and soon it would become very noticeable that it wasn’t a coincidence that the patient had gotten sick.

After her visit to the hospital, her brother kept beating her, though he had grown smart enough to make sure that his parents did not notice it. She grew a bit introverted, talking more with herself and her imaginary friend than with the people around her. The friends she had gotten called her a weirdo now while she wasn’t around, though that secret was not to stay a secret for very long. One day, totally by coincidence Abigail accidentally eavesdropped on a conversation about her. What she heard terrified her. The emotional instability caused her ability to activate for the second time, this time claiming several victims, among them her so called friends. Her brother survived.

Unknown to everyone was the fact that she did not have an imaginary friend. The person she had been talking to all the time was a second personality caused by Dissociative Identity Disorder. Because she hadn’t been at the scene when it happened, she had no recollection of it, so when her brother later revealed it to her it caused her a big deal of stress, a stress which ended up causing insomnia and necrophobia. The insomnia brought nightmares and her necrophobia was triggered by her conscience nagging her and reminding her of her dead friends every time she looked at something dead. Her parents tried to take care of her at first, but later proved to be unable to give her the care she needed.

They placed her at a medical facility where she could get the treatment she needed. Too bad the people there, besides the nurses found it funny to bother the less harmful people in there. The insane bullied the insane, even some doctors joined in on the fun. They had to do something there, and unfortunately Abigail –amongst other patients- was selected as a victim of their practical jokes.

Her condition did not get any better. What was believed to be a short stay ended up being many years. Abigail broke out of there at age twenty four, while she was under the control of the personality called Abby. She killed everyone. There were few survivors, and even fewer sane enough to tell what had happened.

But it did not take long before she reached Griof, a sanctuary for people like her, the outcast of society, unfortunately, or maybe not, someone with the ability to heal peoples mind, did what he did best to her, removing the evil personality leaving the Original Abigail in control.

Birth Place: Strid
Current Location:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:35 am

Name: Jack Tradwind

Nickname/Alias: Scyn

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Mutant or Freak: Mutant

Description of Powers/Mutation: Scyn is a Jedi with many force powers, but he does have telekenesis and telepathy that naturally occur. He also has the ability to shapeshift.

Occupation: freelance

Weapon(s) of choice: his two lightsabers.

Pet(s): no pets


Shape- round

Color- green

Size- normal


Length- medium

Style- punk

Color- blonde

Skin Tone: pale

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 176 lbs

Build: toned


Head - usually covered by his hood

Upper body - He wears a sleeveless turtle-neck shirt with a shoulder plate.

Lower body - He wears black pants

Feet - Black boots

Accessories - He wears a full body robe with a hood, typical of the Jedi of his time.


Likes - drinking, women, and his corn-pipe for smoking anything. He likes to help others though. He isn't exactly too sociable, but he will help if given the opertunity

Dislikes - stupidity

Basic description - Scyn is a loner. He doesn't socialize simply because of his past with people. He is often misunderstood by everyone. He is very smart and has an uncommon ability to understand everything being told to him. The only thing he doesn't like is the stupidity of arrogant people

History: He doesn't explain his history too much, but he tells everyone that he was once a hero. And heroes don't always stay heroes when they're in the company of other heroes. So he chose to quit before he saw himself become the villain. Other than that, he truly has no recolection of his past.

Birth Place: Born in a Desert and abandoned. Left for dead. At least, that is what he thinks.

Current Location: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:22 am

Name: Nihilimeya Augustirine

Nickname/Alias: Darth Venela

Gender: Female

Age: unknown age

Mutant or Freak: Freak

Description of Powers/Mutation: She is a powerful dark sith. You can imagine her powers.

Occupation: Nemesis of Scyn

Weapon(s) of choice: Her lightsabers

Pet(s): none


Shape- round

Color- red

Size- average


Length- long

Style- um... Sith??

Color- black

Skin Tone: pale

Bust Size: average

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 156lbs

Build: athletic, toned


Head - Her head is usualy shrowded by a cloak

Upper body - She wears a black corset that covers a bit of her modesty at least.

Lower body - She usualy wears armored leggings, but her robes mostly cover her.

Feet - Her boots

Accessories - none


Likes - She does like a few good things, but she usually desires fighting. A reason to use her lightsabers. She does, however, try to preserve life for some in hopes she may gain back the good heart she once had.

Dislikes - When others think she is too weak to handle herself. She is a strong woman and likes to make that known. She wields many powerful force techniques.

Basic description - Nihilimeya was once a sweet and caring jedi master. She cared for others and had a good heart. That changed, and she became the dark lord she is now. She is more ruthless than she is kind, however, she still holds one last shred of hope that she can be the girl she once was.

History: As stated, she was once a good person. A powerful Jedi she was, but that changed when the war came. She was the first to go, leaving behind the order because she knew the villains had to be stopped. She sacrificed everything, even her good heart, when she left. This was when she became a sith. She felt the only way to stop their opponent was to gain more power. She gained more power, but lost all that she was in return. Her lust for war and power turned her into the very thing she tried to end, so much so, she eventually found Scyn in a later war. Scyn was a general on the opposing side, and a great hero. In order to crush his spirit, she killed his family, his friends, and the woman he loved. In turn, he too fell.

After the war, she came to the lowly planet of Earth, well after Scyn did so many years ago, in hopes of defeating the great gaurdian. It was only later that she discovered he had lost his memory and knew nothing of who he was or what he was capable of, save for memories of one singular friend and his heroic actions during the war. Knowing this, she kept in hiding. She encountered his friend once, and intimidated her with her fierce power, but never let herself be made known since then.

Birth Place: Unknown planet

Current Location: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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