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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Fri May 30, 2008 11:56 am

Basic Profile Outline for Androids, Cyborgs, and Mechas

Basic Desc of self mechanizings -
Weapon(s) of choice:



Skin Tone:
Bust Size:

Head -
Upper body -
Lower body -
Feet -
Accessories -

Likes -
Dislikes -
Basic description -

Birth Place:
Current Location:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:12 am

Name: 001
Nickname/Alias: Hunter
Gender: male
Android/Cyborg/Mecha: Hunter droid
Basic Desk of self mechanizing – he is a robot droid, thing. Think star wars.
Age: 10
Occupation: hunts
Weapon(s) of choice: claws, metal weapons and is body armor.
Pet(s): none

Shape- big and round
Color- flame orange, but can turn black to hide in shadows.
Size- big.

Hair: none
Length- none
Style- none

Skin Tone: no skin, but his armor is normally black.
Bust Size: male
Height: 2 m if he stands upright
Weight: 500 kg, because of his armor, but he can move as if he only weighted 10 kg.
Build: muscular

Clothes: none
Head – he wears a gladiator like armor helmet.
Upper body – some kind of chest and shoulder armor.
Lower body – some kind of leg armor.
Feet – no shoes
Accessories – none
(I will post a pic)

Likes – Hunting.
Dislikes – nothing
Basic description – he is the normal kind of robot; he does what he is told to, and nothing else, he does not take personal matters into his own hand, neither does he help other with them unless it’s a job.

Past: he was build in a secret lab. He was build to hunt renegade machines and androids. The term 001 was given to him, because he was the first of his generation, a prototype as other would call it. But it did not take long before he was casted away, because there quickly came newer and stronger models. A year after he was casted away, he was found by Oreos, and Oreos became his new master.
Birth Place: Tiroch
Current Location: Pyuock
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:40 pm

Name: Hatori

Nickname/Alias: Haa-san (chan, kun, etc depending on your relationship with him)

Gender: Male

Android/Cyborg/Mecha: Android

Basic Desc of self mechanizings - He is an A.I. but does not know who his creator was or
the reason he is alive.

Age: Unknown

Occupation: None

Weapon(s) of choice: Anything because he has the skill programed. He is also super-humanly fast and strong (mostly because of weight and hydraulics)

Pet(s): none

Shape- Normal
Color- Honey
Size- Normal

Length- Long
Style- Naturaly Wavy
Color- Light Brown

Skin Tone: light

Height: 6' exactly

Weight: 2 Tons

Build: lean

Head - None
Upper body - Red T-shirt
Lower body - jeans
Feet - sneakers
Accessories - Necklace

Likes - people, animals, and food
Dislikes - fighting

Basic description -
Past: All he remembers is being made in a lab but his creator died a long time ago. He saw a car wreck once and pulled a small girl out and gave her his necklace to calm her down. He now seeks her to get his necklace back because it's really important.
Birth Place: Unknown

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:16 am

Name: REG-117 (PRO)

Nickname/Alias: Klank, Reggie, or Pro

Gender: N/A; is generally considered male

Android/Cyborg/Mecha: Mecha, I guess, but he's more of a 'bot

Basic Desc of self mechanizings -
Um... He's a very small, kind of dumb robot that basically just watches the borders of time, space, and whatever else he decides to watch and fishes out things that he sees are in the wrong place. Once he does so, he is booted from the Borders and has to wait up to a week before he can attempt to return. He is really big on order and such, but doesn't really have an opinion on much else. He is a rather intricate peice of machinery, but almost any part of him can be replaced by a skilled mechanic, save for his "brain."

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Self-proclaimed border watcher.

Weapon(s) of choice: N/A, other than pretending to be a lump of scrap metal.

Pet(s): N/A

Shape- Round
Color- Usually a bright red, rimmed in gold. They look rather like small, circular brakelights; they even have dimpled lenses. If he's on a Trip, they'll be a dull, dark red, like heat lamps that have been shut off.
Size- rather large in comparison with the rest of his body, but otherwise, they're about two fingertip-to-knuckle's widths all the way around.

Hair: Generally, N/A, unless his head's been opened.
Style- rather thin and wiry (ba-DUMB-chhh!)

Skin Tone: N/A

Bust Size: N/A

Height: about six inches, when standing on its hind legs. Four when standing regularly or crouched.

Weight: About thirty pounds

Build: Rather chunky, but not particularly unweildy. He can actually scuttle pretty quickly when the need arises. He has a brass body that's beginning to tarnish. He's getting a bit annoyed at the spots he's developed, but can't bring himself to burnish them off.

Clothes: (I'll describe his looks here)
Head - Basically a sphere with a nose-like appendage used as a navigator and senser to the outside world. His eyes are used to look into borders of nearly any sort. He has two rather long ears used for listening to the outside world; because his eyes are continuously looking elsewhere, Klank is basically blind. if he takes his eyes off the borders, he can see reality (and his eyes change to blue), but it takes a long time to train his eyes back on the borders. He has no mouth, but can talk if need be.
Upper body - he is basically built like a strange cross between a rabbit and a cat; he has a single plate for his torso that has hinges and pressurized bars for joints and such for his limbs. He is completely encased in a rather dingy brass shell. Inside, he's all wires. The screws that hold on his metal carapace are extremely tiny.
Lower body - A second sheet of metal makes Klank's torso and a third is his lower abdomen. His back legs were clearly based on a rabbit's, though, at times, they can also seem feline. He has a bob of a tail that can extend if balance is needed. It is prehensile, and can hold onto anything it needs to.
Feet - Klank's front feet resemble tiny hands, though the back feet sport three toes. The back feet are generally shaped like a rabbit's, but they are also jointed in case a longer stride is needed.
Accessories - N/A

Likes - order, peace, simple situations, heights
Dislikes - things out of place, thinking
Basic description - (See above)

History: Klank doesn't know who made him and doesn't particularly care; as a matter of fact, he doesn't seem to care much about anything in particular. He does seem to find a simple pleasure, though, from watching the borders and setting things right. He even believes that it was his purpose to watch the children of Abaddon as they flit across time and space. Every once in a while, Klank will come back down to reality and find a person that is interesting to observe; he will sometimes become close to this person, even forsaking his post to watch them. This happens only very rarely, and Klank can spend weeks or even months in a single spot, watching the demons and angels flit through Time.

Past: He doesn't know and, quite frankly, doesn't care. He's a kind of go-with-the-flow kind of creature, choosing instead to clatter and watch people flit by. Actually, he's just lazy beyond comprehension; he watches the in-between because he finds it soothing and he floats along life because it's easy. His creator seems to have concentrated more on his purpose than his A.I.. Klank's creator died soon after Klank's creation, supposedly caught up in some sort of illegal experiment before Klank could cut on. The man was destroyed and Klank woke up slowly. His logic sensors kicked in and he decided to go make something of himself and discover his purpose. Every time Klank pushes something to one side or another, one of his brain-circuits shuts down, feeding his laziness. Klank is beginning to run down, but hasn't reached the end of his tether yet. if he needs an extra boost of power, he can hook up to a power outlet with an extension cord hidden in his right foot.

Birth Place: Someplace in Tiroch

Current Location: Craeth Spaceport in Tiroch

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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