Species at war
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 The City of Angels

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PostSubject: The City of Angels   Fri May 30, 2008 10:16 am


This city is a floating city. It drifts over the continents as it wills.


A floating city. Since the angels have no need of food, they do not need to worry about procuring sustenance or other practical needs. The city is best described as a "gated" community. Regulations about who can go where and access what is very strict.There are certain areas of the city that require you to be a certain choir or rank to enter. The main areas consist of the Library, a very central and enormous building, God's Sanctum, and the Observatory, split into two levels. One is used for observing the Heavens, the other for observing the Earth. Everything is kept scrupulously clean, organized, and sparse.
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The City of Angels
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