Species at war
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 Moon Elves

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Elves   Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:53 pm

Name: Sheth Vladmasth

Nickname/Alias: Sheth

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown/Immortal (Appears to be 19-21)

Occupation: None

Weapon(s) of choice: Family Great Sword ( Only a head shorter)

Elven Faction: Woodland Elves

Pet(s): None


Shape- Round

Color- Violet

Size- Average


Length- Medium

Style- Normal?

Color- Black

Skin Tone: Pale

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 167lbs

Build: Muscular/thin


Head - None

Upper body - Black Shirt

Lower body - Regular pants

Feet - Boots

Accessories - Wears a long, red robe of royalty among his brethren


Likes - Peace, Meditation, Bows and swords

Dislikes - Chaos, Stupidity, foolishness

Basic description - Sheth has been on the world since a couple years after it began. He is, simply put, one of the ancient creatures that was there during the great wars between the angels and demons, when Lucifer fell. Sheth has always been a long and old friend of Savvy's, imparting wisdom and power to the young human. He is always hard to find if he can even be found and will only come out if he senses that it is meant to take place. He has always guided stray travelers along the right path through signs and signals and magic. Many have come to know him as the "guiding ghost." He is a superb sword fighter, archer, and magician. His prowess is unmatched.

History: Sheth, being one of the ancients, has had a long and adventurous life. He has lost many dear friends and gained many new ones. He has never married and never once tried to swoon a woman for himself like a human would. He has always been considered the wisest creature in the entire land.

He was once a reveared fighter during the age of the Paladins, Heavens glorious warrior elites. He and his Green Dragon would soar in the skies, ensuring peace among the nations and striking down evil.

But then the war came.

Sheth and his dragon rode on the frontlines with other human and angelic riders against the demons and their wyverns. They fought greatly and honourably, but each were equally matched and ended up slaying each other in battle.. All but Sheth. He was above the rest. He was such a great warrior, he fought Lucifer himself.

For hours they fought, striking and deflecting. They got no where it seemed, until Lucifer stabbed Sheth's dragon. Sheth felt the stab as if it was his own chest. He fell to his knees and cried in defeat, cradling the dead dragon in his arms.

For years he wept alone, but he eventually learned from his mistakes and turned from the path of war. To this day, his great sword rests in a pedastool of stone in the middle of a forest. He had long forgot it's location, but had foreseen the day he would once again use it, though he prayed it would never come....

Past: Read above, mates.

Birth Place: Unknown

Current Location: Unknown
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Moon Elves
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