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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Fri May 30, 2008 10:15 am

Basic Profile Outline for Humans

Weapon(s) of choice:



Skin Tone:
Bust Size:

Head -
Upper body -
Lower body -
Feet -
Accessories -

Likes -
Dislikes -
Basic description -

Birth Place:
Current Location:
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Gibbons Flakesley
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:59 am

Name: Gibbons Flakesley

Nickname/Alias: He's a bartender, so... whatever someone yells at him with
Other characters at the Inn:
Simmons (half-demon - rat base, waiter and bellboy)
Gyra (full demon - succubus, barmaid)

Gender: Male

Age: Somewhere between 40 and 50

Occupation: Current owner of the Niche Inn (static character; also will use his account for any of his underlings at the Inn.)

Weapon(s) of choice: hired thugs, loyal customers, or anything that comes to hand. He's well-versed in the art of barfights.

Pet(s): N/A

Eyes: Only one -the other was lost in the same card game in which he won the Inn.
Shape- the remaining eye is constantly squinted slyly.
Size- small and slitlike due to his constant squint. He has a habit of darting glances furtively throughout any room he is in.

Length- buzz cut or bald, depending on when he last shaved - he doesn't really like people knowing that he is balding. He's usually pretty bad about shaving his face, too; he's always got a little bit of stubble on his chin.
Style- see above
Color- a nondescript dark brown or black peppered with grey; it's hard to tell what color it is because it's generally too short.

Skin Tone: Probably tan, but he's too grimy to really tell.

Bust Size: N/A

Height: about 6'6"

Weight: hefty; what some people might call fat, but most of it's muscle.

Build: A college football player gone to seed.

Head - Nothing, although if he feels particularly concious of his empty socket, he might put on an eye patch, but that's about it.
Upper body - a rather greasy white apron and an expansive white shirt with sweat stains around the armpits.
Lower body - Loose brown capri pants, tattered on the bottom with wear and age, and normally a dirty rag stuffed in one pocket.
Feet - Large, scuffed black boots.
Accessories - N/A

Likes - Money, winning, smokes, hot chicks, cards, and a good brawl.
Dislikes - moochers, people who mess up his inn, goody-goodies, and other such people.

Basic description - Gibbons is a very static character created mainly to maintain the Niche Inn and little else. He seems a little dull and more than kind of slow, but he's been able to live over 45 years in the slums of Obsequium, so he has to have some talent... not to mention that he's the owner of one of the most well-known hubs of corruption in the whole of the demon city.

History: Basically, a corrupt man who won against the former owner in a high-stakes game of cards. He is now the owner of the Niche Inn. He enjoys the prestige of owning the Inn and parades it proudly.

Past: There's not much to tell about Gibbons - he was simply one of the endless rabble of patrons that used to frequent the Inn. He's lived nearby almost all his life. He only came to eminence after he'd won a rather rough game of an odd variation of poker, winning the Inn in the process.

Birth Place: Near Obsequium

Current Location: the Niche Inn in Obsequium

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Kaoru Matsu'ura
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:59 pm

Name: Kaoru Matsu’ura

Nickname/Alias: none for now

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Occupation: Owns a small pet store

Weapon(s) of choice: Bo staff

Pet(s): a white cat named Artemis

Shape- Round
Color- Turquoise
Size- large

Length- long
Style- down
Color- brown

Skin Tone: light

Bust Size: normal at about a B

Height: 5’ exactly

Weight: 105lbs

Build: Small

Head - nothing
Upper body – a green striped turtleneck sweater
Lower body – dark brown kakis
Feet – black converse
Accessories – a necklace she received from someone long ago

Likes – cats, dogs, animals of all kinds really, texting, people, foods of all kinds, and work
Dislikes – hamburgers, rudeness, and cars
Basic description – She is a sweet loving girl who can be friends with anybody, and loves to help others out if she can.

Past: On Halloween when she was about 10 she and her parents got into a bad car crash where her father died on the scene and her mother was in a coma for a month until she finally died. The only thing she remembered before the crash was her name and the silouette of a man pulling her out of the flipped car. She was crying so to calm her down he gave her his necklace. When the paramedics arrived she was taken to the hospital in the ambulance waitching his form retreat from her. She seeks to find this man who saved her life and thank him.
She now lives on the mountainside of Strid in the slums. She goes into the nicer part of Strid to work in her pet store.
Birth Place: Strid
Current Location: Strid
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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